How To Bake For Health

At Ruby Cake Bakeries, we care about taste first, presentation second, and health third. But we always put taste at the forefront of our baking. This doesn’t mean we sacrifice on health though. Everything we bake is designed to ensure you’ll feel great after eating one of our cupcakes or full-sized cakes.home remedies for health

Baking For Allergies

Gluten-free baking is our bread and butter. Most of our clients have a wheat intolerance, and we specialize in making sure this doesn’t affect the taste of our cakes. But we frequently meet clients with nut allergies or other dietary requirements. We have a standard questionnaire we ask every new client to fill out and ensure that we meet all your needs. If your baker does not do this, move on and come visit us. We always take care of our customers.

Baking For Your Health Needs

If you have diabetes for example, a cake might not be the best thing to eat. Or is it? We design cakes that are completely sugar-free and still taste delicious. We don’t let anything stop us and we love a challenge, so bring us your problem and we’ll design a cake for your unique needs.

Baking For Your Health Problems

We’re frequently asked about integrating specific ingredients into our cupcakes. Some ingredients are difficult to integrate in baking, but have huge health benefits. We were frequently asked by someone with oily skin to integrate cornflour, apples and egg whites after she read an article on on how to cure oily skin naturally. Someone even came to us wanting a coconut oil cake after reading an article on the best home remedies for grey hair. We get asked to bake all kinds of different cakes, and are happy to design you whatever you want! Nothing is too much or too difficult for us.

So get in touch today with your cake request and we’ll let you know what we can do, by when we can deliver and how much it will cost you.

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