Healthy Wedding Cake Ideas

gluten free wedding cakeSo you’re getting married and are looking for a cake? This is hard enough when you’re “normal” but what do you do when you’re health conscious or have a food intolerance. I know a lot of our gluten-free clients struggle to find amazing looking cakes that they could actually eat.

Our motto is that since it is your wedding, you should be able to choose the cake. So whether you love cream, or whether you are vegan, it’s you choice. We’ve made many gluten free, egg free, soy free, dairy free and nut free wedding cakes, and all of them were absolutely amazing. It is important however not to sacrifice taste for health, and that’s why we add secret ingredients that even the most unhealthy people will still find incredibly tasty.

But before we go any further, this video will give you some inspiration on what’s actually possible when it comes to creative wedding cake ideas.

While I have to admit we never created anything as extraordinary as the cakes on this video, we have delivered some astonishingly amazing cakes. Especially when it comes to weddings, we put our heart and soul into our craft.

We’d love to hear your ideas, so get in touch with any questions and we’ll be happy to help. Make sure you share this page with anyone who might be able to use a delicious and healthy wedding cake.

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