Health Benefits Of Gluten-Free Baking

Gluten free baking has become trendy in the last few years. However, many of us have been forced to cut out gluten from our diets out of necessity, not just because it is the latest diet fad. But even if you are not gluten intolerant and do not suffer from the Celiac disease, are there other health benefits that would justify you cutting out gluten from your diet? Let’s take a look.

What Is Gluten?

Gluten is the name for the proteins found in foods such as wheat and barley. So gluten it’s a protein found in many different foods and is fairly difficult to cut out altogether. It also helps make food tastier as it helps hold different ingredients together, something very important in cooking and baking especially.

Should You Go Gluten-Free?

A diet which is low on gluten or cuts it all completely can bring several real health benefits. The main health benefit is improving your digestion, since gluten can be difficult to digest. Other benefits include increasing energy levels and lowering cholesterol.

But many of these benefits can also be achieved by eating a healthier diet, so there is a lot of scientific debate on whether a normal person would see real benefits from cutting this protein out of their diets completely, especially seeing that it is present in so many different foods.

If you have a serious sensitivity to gluten, it’s highly advisable to cut out gluten from your diet to avoid malnourishment and further issues. However, if you do not suffer from Celiac, then it might not be necessary. We do see a real benefit in limiting your gluten intake. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to avoid gluten and still eat very well. We have some incredibly tasty recipes for cupcakes and other foods, which do not include any gluten at all.

This video explores whether there is much truth in this diet fad, especially if you do not suffer for the sensitivity, which most people don’t. It also comes up with some shocking discoveries and will shed some light on the statistics and promises some diets throw out.

Hopefully this article has helped you decide whether a gluten-free diet is appropriate for you. In any cases, limiting your intake is always a good idea in my personal opinion!

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