How To Create The Most Amazing Cake Decorations

We’re frequently asked how we pull of some of the amazing cake decorations we deliver to our clients. But I’ve always felt it’s a little like magic. The more I reveal, the less magical it seems. But let’s face it, there’s so much on the Internet these days, that we just have to get along with the times, and share what we’re doing 🙂 … no point being old in a new world …

So we’ve found some decorations that we absolutely loved and will actually blow your mind! We’ve even been able to decorate some gluten-free healthy cakes, and made them look incredibly unhealthy. No one wants to eat a healthy cake that actually looks healthy we found out the hard way when we first started baking for the health conscious.

There’s so many cake decoration possibilities, and the only limit is your own creativity. Let me know in the comments below what the most amazing cake decoration you’ve ever pulled off and send me some pictures as well!

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